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The right time to take that next step is now!

Everybody faces change now and then. But some change is harder than others. Sometimes you know what to do but have trouble getting started. Sometimes you know it's time to start but you don't know what step to take. Appleton Coaching can help you take that next step. Are you ready?
Really, any old time is the right time to take that next step, but now is even better!



Coaching is an opportunity to meet one-on-one or in a small group to talk through meaningful change and then make a plan to do something about it! Sometimes it's facing fears and mental blocks. But it's often envisioning brighter futures and opportunities. It’s always about setting goals and taking steps to make them happen.

When your life is in transition, it's even more important to take stock of what's important and figure out how you want your life to be. I can help you find your path forward.

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The greatest value of coaching is the commitment you make to yourself to pursue what matters most to you right now. And if you are in the midst of a life transition, time is of the essence. Because the sooner you begin to address the issues and take a step towards positive change, the sooner you will feel oh so much better! And who doesn't want to feel better when life is in turmoil or change is roiling all around you? But it's up to you to make the next move.

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Discovering coaching was a gift. Now I offer that gift to you as we navigate together what is important to you—the ways you want to explore positive change, and how and who you want to be in the world. I've had my fair share of transitions in life and faced some things that shook me to my core. Through it all, I've learned to thrive. And you can, too. I can help you gain clarity, realign values, create vision, and take the next steps for a more fulfilling life.



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If you'd like to see if coaching is for you, we can set up a free consultation. In this half hour we will look at what you would like to explore during future coaching sessions. And you can ask questions. We will discover together how you might benefit from coaching sessions.


Your goals and dreams are the focus of our solution-focused sessions. With questions that help you to find what you're searching for, tools that help clarify and hone your goals, and experiences that help you imagine and vision your next steps, you can make that change.


Are you and a small group of friends facing similar life changes? Or would you like to join a coaching group for a cost-effective jump start towards change? I also work in small group settings to discover your individual goals while in a supportive environment of people with common interests, life goals, or similar transitions.


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