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Wayfinding Days

Walking for Clarity and Calm

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Guided by Lea Appleton,
Certified Coach, ACC

Indoor job: Life and Career Coach.

Outdoor job: Guide for Wayfinding Days, Pilgrimages, and Labyrinth Walks. 

What participants say...

I recently had the pleasure of participating in a Wayfinding Day event with Lea. While I have long been someone who engages in thoughtful walking, Wayfinding guided by Lea took this experience to a new level! Lea is an expert guide who began by encouraging us to define an issue for which we sought clarity. Lea provided a workbook which served as a valuable tool to help guide our thinking. Each activity promoted self-awareness and added a new layer of depth to the experience. At the end of the day, I found myself with a newfound sense of clarity.  The positive take-aways have remained with me over time. I highly recommend embarking on a Wayfinding Day guided by Lea to anyone seeking a transformative experience.

Upcoming Wayfinding Days

How it came to be.

Crystal Cove
Redondo Beach
San Clemente
Santa Monica
Solana Beach
Torrey Pines

Why we walk.

The Story of Wayfinding Days

Wayfinding Days emerged following my DIY Pilgrimage I did in 2022, after my trip with my sister to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain was cancelled in May 2020, due to COVID-19. In 2022, I decided to create my own pilgrimage, so I walked from Long Beach to Solana Beach, with a little help from the train through Camp Pendleton. My sister, my husband, and my 83 year-old father each walked one of those days with me and it was truly a wonderful experience.

This year I created my own solo Wayfinding Day from Santa Monica to Redondo Beach on a Sunday in February. I walked with the intention to notice and reflect and journal my way through the day. I did some of that and I mostly walked in quiet thought. As I shared the DIY Pilgrimage and Wayfinding Day with other people, many responded that they wanted to do something like these mindful & intentional walking experiences. Earlier this summer, I offered the first Wayfinding Days to rave reviews: All participants who responded to the survey not only said they would participate again, they would also recommend the experience to their friends!

Come see for your self what we've experienced--a chance to walk in the company of others, a time to be alone in our thoughts and feelings that arise from walking for a long time, a space for reflection (a small booklet with reflection questions will be provided) as we explore our inner landscapes. We will walk and talk as we get to know one another a little bit and we will also walk some parts by ourselves so we can be in the quiet of our own hearts and minds.


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When walking in a Wayfinding Day, I attest that I have appropriate physical fitness for the experience.

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