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FREE Online Course & Past Workshops

Want more balance in your life? Start by assessing what's important, setting some priorities, and making a plan to work towards improving balance. Check out the free mini-course that gets you started thinking about how things are going in your life right now. Step-by-step instructions and downloadable worksheets get you going in no time at all. Feel motivated and encouraged to make important changes in your life today by checking out the Life Balance Wheel Snapshot now.

You've got nothing to lose and only balance to gain!


Life Balance Wheel Snapshot

Brown:Cream Bicycle


Workshops for the Busy: Mindful

Many thanks to those who participated live online (and later on-demand) and to Be Rosie Salon in Claremont for being a wonderful host!

Webinar share2.jpg

Certified Coach Lea Appleton discusses mindful practices

"Lea is a natural expert on keeping mindful—present in the moment, clear-thinking, optimistic.  With a previous dual career as a busy professional woman in higher education and a musical artist, and an even busier Mom of three active children, Lea knows busy-full.  Lucky for you, she has honed its oft-times opponent: creative mindfulness. Able to remain calm in chaos, while finding creative solutions...that's your teacher."

- Sharon G.


Using a finger labyrinth is a way to be mindful

Events: Mindful

Workshops for the Busy: Life in the Balance

Many thanks to those who attended and to Be Rosie Salon in Claremont for being a wonderful host!


Life in the Balance workshop participants

Participants sharing quotes that inspire

IMG-0564 (1).jpg

Certified Coach Lea Appleton describing
the life balance wheel

Appleton Coaching is happy to support Shoes That Fit with the proceeds from the Life in the Balance workshop.

Events: Life in Balance
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